What are the benefits of having a mobile paediatric Occupational Therapist?

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What is mobile Paediatric Occupational Therapy?

Paediatric Occupational Therapist can work in a variety of settings including in hospitals, the community, the child’s home, school, childcare settings, in their Occupational Therapy clinic, or even online through Telehealth.

As a private Occupational Therapist, we often work in occupational therapy clinics, provide mobile occupational therapy services, use Telehealth, or a combination to these options. A mobile Paediatric Occupational Therapist can provide Occupational Therapy services to a child in the child’s natural environment, such as in their home or educational institution (e.g. school and childcare).

There are multiple benefits of each method of providing occupational therapy to children. In this article we will be talking specifically about the benefits of a mobile occupational therapy service.

What are the benefits of a mobile Paediatric Occupational Therapy clinic?

There are multiple benefits for you and your child when they receive mobile Paediatric Occupational Therapy services.

  1. Mobile Occupational Therapy clinic means that your child can be seen in their natural environment, whether that is in-home or school. This means the Paediatric Occupational Therapist can look at the environment set-up, the games and resources that you already have, and the supports currently in place. This means they can provide specific recommendations based on the resources you already have. They can consider the environment and decide whether there is sufficient space to do certain activities.
  2. Seeing your child in their natural environment also means your child may feel more comfortable in that environment. As it is a familiar environment, your child does not need to go to a new place, in a new room and meet a new person (as they would in an Occupational Therapy clinic room). Introducing a new person (your paediatric Occupational Therapist) into a familiar environment may make it easier for your child to adapt. Your child might even want to share and show their home or classroom to their Occupational Therapist! A great relationship building activity.
  3. Mobile Occupational Therapy service means you do not have to travel. This means the Occupational Therapy service is provided in-home or at your child’s childcare or school. This means you save time travelling to and from the clinic, save money on fuel, and potentially reduce the number of battles getting your child in and out of the car.
  4. Mobile Therapy also means that therapy activities can easily be generalised into the natural environments. In an Occupational Therapy clinic, Occupational Therapist might use specific tools and games that the family may not have at home. The environmental set-up of the clinic may also be harder to replicate in the home environment. When you have mobile therapy sessions at home or school, your child might already associate that particular area of the house to be their “Occupational Therapy area” or “learning area”. Therefore, when you are doing your Occupational Therapy “homework” throughout the week, you could just sit in those particular areas.

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