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Gross Motor Skills

Unlock the power of physical movement and coordination with gross motor skills. Explore the impact on children’s daily function, behavior, and learning abilities. Discover effective strategies to support and enhance their motor development.

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Tips and Strategies

Create a safe and open play space where your child can freely move and explore their physical abilities, incorporating items like balance beams, balls, or crawling tunnels.


Organise once a week or fortnight to go to a local park or playground.


Break down complex movements into smaller, achievable steps, providing clear instructions and demonstrations to help your child understand and practice them.


Offer a variety of physical play options, including running, soccer, martial arts, or dancing, to explore types of gross motor activities that your child likes.


Provide regular opportunities for outdoor play and exploration, as nature and natural environments offer diverse sensory experiences and promote gross motor development.


Use visual supports like obstacle course diagrams or movement sequences to help your child understand and follow sequential movements during physical activities.


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Gross Motor Activities

Get ready to improve your kiddies gross motor skills with lots of fun activities. It’s like going on an exciting adventure where they’ll learn and practice important skills.

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