Occupational Therapists often work with children on their handwriting skills and performance. Even though technology is increasingly used in primary and high school, written output is still the main way children are assessed in schools. Therefore if children are having difficulty with handwriting, this can greatly impact their overall academic performance, whether that be in English or Maths.

If your child is having difficulty with handwriting, you might have noticed some of the signs below.


✔️ Is your child drawing with both hands?

✔️ Is your child having difficulty forming their letters and numbers?

✔️ Is your child getting upset when they need to write at school?

✔️ Is your child complaining of pain in their hands when they write?

✔️ Is your child having difficulty getting their thoughts on paper?


Handwriting is a complex task that requires a variety of skills, including physical gross motor skills, fine motor skills, visual perceptual skills, hand eye coordination, cognitive thinking skills and the list goes on. Letter formation, spacing and placement can also impact your child’s handwriting legibility. Depending on the age of your child, they may have difficulty with pain and fatigue in their hands, especially as the increase the length of handwriting.


If your think your child has difficulty with the above areas, contact us below using the contact form.