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Uncover the vital role of handwriting in children’s development. From legibility to speed, explore the impact of handwriting skills on academic performance and daily tasks. Find effective strategies to support children in mastering this essential fine motor skill for success.
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Tips and Strategies

Practice letter formation using multi-sensory approaches, such as tracing letters in sand or shaving cream, to engage multiple senses and reinforce muscle memory.


Break down tasks into smaller steps to make them more manageable for your child. Focus on one skill at a time, whether it is letter formation, legibility, writing on the line, or sentence generation.


Provide a comfortable and supportive writing environment with a proper-sized desk, chair, and good lighting to promote correct posture and reduce strain during writing tasks.


Write on a vertical service, like a mirror, glass door, or wall, to help develop shoulder strength.


Use lined paper or provide visual cues like highlighted lines or raised-line paper to assist your child with letter alignment and spacing.


Make writing fun by incorporating it into play activities, such as writing letters to a favourite character or creating a grocery list for a pretend store.


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