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Telehealth Occupational Therapy Services For Kids

Get One-On-One Telehealth Occupational Therapy Sessions From The Comfort Of Your Home With A Registered Australian Occupational Therapist ​
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How Does It Work?

1. Get in Touch

Fill out the callback request form and an Occupational Therapist will be in touch within 1 business day.

2. Discuss Your Concerns

Get connected with an Occupational Therapist to discuss your concerns, identify goals, and create the best way forward.

3. Start Ongoing Sessions

Our qualified Occupational Therapists make ongoing sessions fun and engaging with your child.

Improve skills

How can Telehealth OT help?

Our experienced Occupational Therapists can help children who have difficulty with:

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Benefits of Telehealth OT

Telehealth has been proven to provide significant benefits to families needing OT services:

One-on-One therapy

What does Telehealth OT look like?

Telehealth OT services are delivered over video call to create engaging theraputic sessions.

Not sure if telehealth is right for you?

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Telehealth Tips to Get Started

Follow the below tips to get the most out of your telehealth sessions:

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