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Fine Motor Skills

Discover how difficulties with fine motor skills can impact children’s function of daily activities, behaviour and academics. Explore effective strategies to support children who struggle with coordination and precision in tasks that require small movements and dexterity.

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Growth Opportunities for Fine Motor Skills

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Tips and Strategies

Put items in containers to encourage your child to open containers throughout the day.

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Use tongs to help pick up items during mealtimes.


Play boardgames that require rolling of the dice, moving small manipulatives, or dealing playing cards.​


Encourage activities that strengthen hand muscles, such as squeezing stress balls, playing with clay, or using tweezers to pick up small objects.

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Encourage your child to practice self-help skills, such as buttoning their own shirt or tying their shoelaces, to foster independence and strengthen fine motor abilities.


Encourage your child to engage in activities that involve finger isolation, such as picking up small objects with thumb and finger, to enhance fine motor precision.


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Fine Motor Activities

Get ready to improve your kiddies fine motor skills with lots of fun activities. It’s like going on an exciting adventure where they’ll learn and practice important skills.

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