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Use the checklists to make sure your child is School Ready. Plus, learn how to support your child in developing these school readiness skills.

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you'll learn about each skill and if your child has met the milestones for:

Learn what it takes to help your child achieve their potential

Parenting can be scary, but it’s even scarier when your kid is starting school! It’s all new territory. Both for you and your child.

Our School Readiness eBook is the perfect way for parents to make sure their kid is ready for school. 

We cover:

And the best part is, we do all this through play and fun activities!

Download our Prep-Readiness eBook today! By the end, you’ll feel confident knowing what to do with your child to help them become School Ready! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

At ReadyKids, we are dedicated to helping parents feel confident. During this important transition to school, we want to make sure your child enjoys and is successful in school. 

We know you are here because you want the best for your child. We do too. So yes, the resource is absolutely free. No gimmicks, no catch.

Paediatric Occupational Therapy is such a broad field. It is often hard for us to create relevant content for every parent in our community. By us collecting your details, we are able to send you relevant content specific to making you feel confident in raising your ReadyKids.

Download the eBook and get inspired to create strong & confident ReadyKids

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Warning: This eBook contains the secret to successful parenting and getting your kiddies confident for school!

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