What are the benefits of a mobile therapy clinic?

Mobile therapy means the therapists travel to your home or your child’s childcare or school.

There are a couple of benefits of mobile therapy:


  • Therapists can see the child interact with their own environment. We get to see children in their familiar environment which means they will most likely act in a similar way. This provides us with the most natural assessment of the child.
  • Children feel comfortable in their own environment. When a child is comfortable and motivated, they can demonstrate their best abilities. We want to ensure the child is feeling comfortable and safe!
  • Therapist can provide practical strategies. When Occupational Therapists travel to your home or your child’s school, we can see the environment and resources that are readily available to your child. We can use the resources that are available to provide practical strategies which can be easily incorporated in your daily lives. We don’t want you to waste money buying additional resources if you already have some alternatives at home/school.
  • Less time out of your day. We understand how busy each day can be. Our mobile therapy service means our Occupational Therapists come to your door. We are only there for the duration of the therapy session. You don’t need to travel to us and then head home after a long therapy session.


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We also offer Telehealth sessions via a secure video conferencing platform. Here is a blog article about the 5 benefits of telehealth therapy sessions.