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What is Ready Kids Membership?

Ready Kids Membership contains a collection of video, handouts and resources created by trained Occupational Therapists. It allows parents to learn about different skill areas such as motor skills, play and social skills, self-care skills, school skills etc. It also has explanations on general tips and strategies OT often use in therapy sessions.

Over 50 Video Resources

Practical Video Therapy

The Ready Kids Membership site contains over 50 videos. Trained Occupational Therapists created easy to understand videos to explain different skills. There are also Do-It Together videos where your OT can do activities together with your child.

Activities & Informational Handouts

Printable PDF Handouts

Easy to read handouts provide all information into short pages. These handouts explain what skills are, why they are important and activities you can do with your children to help them develop these skills.

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Take a Walk-Through

This is quick walk through of the Ready Kids Membership site. We cover a range of skills which OTs often work in. Under each area, you can find videos and handouts.


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