10-Week Parent Support Program

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Let's talk about who this is for

The ReadyKids Parent Support Program is crafted for proactive parents who find themselves overwhelmed by the challenges of raising a child with diverse needs. 

Whether your child has or has not seen an occupational therapist before, this program caters to parents seeking targeted support and resources to confidently navigate their child’s unique journey.

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How this program helps support parents

Empowering occupational therapy inspired resources, done with confidence and comfort at home.


Regular OT sessions provide ongoing guidance and progress monitoring of parent’s goals


A supportive community of parents and professionals who understand and uplifts overwhelmed parents


Experience 100% online delivery, enabling participation from anywhere and tailoring learning to your schedule.


Boost parent confidence through knowledge, discussions with an OT, and practical strategy implementation.


Start implementing strategies straight away to accelerate your child’s development.


Address your family's main concerns with targeted goals in the 10-week program.

What's included in the program?

The ReadyKids Parent Support Program includes exclusive benefits that all parents can use anytime, anywhere.

Total value of $7,950

Occupational Therapy
Value: $550

Engage in personalised, one-on-one therapy sessions with a registered Occupational Therapist. Gain valuable tips and insights, empowering you to confidently navigate the challenges your family faces.

Interactive Q & A
Value: $1930

Engage in live, interactive sessions with our Occupational Therapists. Pose your burning questions, share experiences, and collect valuable insights from both experts and fellow parents.

Live Webinars
Value: $965

Expand your knowledge base with our insightful webinars, designed to provide valuable tools and enhance your parenting skills.

Resource recommendations
Value: $965

Crafted to your family's unique needs, our weekly plan provides resources to ensure consistent progress and growth throughout the program.

1 -Year Access
ReadyKids platform
Value: $490

Unlock over 200+ resources for you and your child to support their development at home and on the go.

1 -Year Access
Future courses
Value: $1000

Immerse yourself in learning with exclusive access to our comprehensive courses. Explore topics, enhance your skills.

+ Lifetime Access To

All Recorded Webinars
Value: $1000

Access a treasure trove of existing and new webinar recordings, covering a range of topics, to continually build your knowledge and skills.

Our Supportive Community
Value: $1000

Connect with like-minded parents and health professionals in our nurturing VIP Community. Share experiences, insights, and support one another through the journey of raising happy and indepdent children.

School Readiness eBook
Value: $50

Immerse yourself in comprehensive insights and practical tips, preparing your child confidently for the exciting journey of starting school.

Program pricing & inclusions

10-week Parent Support Program

+ Bonus
$ 1495
  • Fortnightly occupational therapy session
  • Weekly interactive Q & A session
  • Fortnightly live webinars
  • Individualised weekly resource recommendations

Bonus Inclusions

  • Lifetime access to VIP community
  • Lifetime access to future webinars
  • One-year access to ReadyKids platform
  • One-year access to all Readykids courses
  • School Readiness eBook

Build Confidence & Get Support

Building your confidence is the best way to help your kids

Got a question? We have answers.

The program runs for a duration of 10 weeks.

Yes, you can join the program with your child’s NDIS plan.

The occupational therapy sessions are delivered online via Zoom.

This program is designed for parents of children with Autism, ADHD, developmental delays, self-care challenges, learning disabilities, sensory processing difficulties, fine motor difficulties, speech difficulties, emotional regulation difficulties, toileting difficulties, behavior difficulties, and social skills challenges.

The program is priced at $1495 AUD and includes all the listed inclusions. There are no additional costs or fees.

Yes, the program comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Yes, participants have lifetime access to the videos, webinars, and community.

While the program is designed for children aged 3-10, it may still be beneficial for parents of children outside this age range.

The program includes weekly interactive Q&A sessions.

The bonus inclusions include lifetime access to a VIP community, future webinars, one-year access to the ReadyKids platform, a School Readiness eBook, and a Sensory Processing Course.

10 Week Parent Support Program

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