Mobile Occupational Therapy

At Ready Kids, we provide Occupational Therapy assessments and therapy based on the needs of your child and your family. Occupational Therapy assessments and ongoing therapy sessions can take place in your choice of location, including in your family home, your child’s school or childcare.

The Occupational Therapists at Ready Kids work with you, your child’s school team and also any other health professionals and therapists including paediatricians, speech pathologists, and psychologists.

Occupational Therapy Services

Individual Occupational Therapy Sessions

  • Individual assessment session
  • Individual therapy sessions
  • School visit
  • Telehealth sessions

School-based Occupational Therapy Sessions

• Individual assessment and therapy sessions
• Group therapy sessions
• Initial screening for Prep students
• Therapy in classrooms
• Consultation service
• In-service staff presentations/workshops
• Contract school OT for a whole day*

We do not want to waste your money and your time. We will tailor our assessments around your child’s goals. Please feel free to contact us for a no-obligation phone call, or email to discuss your concerns to ensure our services are right for you.

Occupational Therapy Assessment

What does our Assessment Session include?

  • Gathering background information about your child
  • Understanding your main concerns and how they are affecting your child and your family
  • Formal and informal assessments of your child
  • Providing feedback and practical recommendations
1.5 hours

Initial OT Consult

Occupational Therapy Sessions

What does Therapy Sessions include?

The duration of therapy sessions are based on the child’s goals and needs. The following services may be provided within a therapy session.

  • Direct therapy with your child
  • Discussion of recommendations with parents
  • Documentation to monitor progress over the therapy sessions
  • Correspondence to your child’s care team

We can deliver therapy sessions in our clinic, in your homes, or at your child’s school or childcare. We also offer Telehealth sessions via online conferencing or phone consults.



45 minutes


60 minutes


Additional 15 minutes

Therapy Reports

Therapy reports include reports for health professionals, schools, NDIS review reports, assessment reports etc. Reports are charged at an hourly rate based on the time used.

Per Hour

Report Writing

Travel Cost

Travel to sessions are calculated based out of our office in Runcorn, Queensland. We will only charge a maximum of 30 minutes in MMM1-3 areas and 60 minutes from MMM4-5 areas. The relevant MMM classification is the classification of the area where the support is delivered.


Travel Fee

Funding Options

Chronic Disease Management (formally Enhanced Primary Care)

Individuals who are eligible under Chronic Disease Management (formerly Enhanced Primary Care) can access five visits per calendar year to allied health professionals, including occupational therapists. The individual must have a medical condition considered ‘chronic’, meaning the condition must be present for 6 months or longer. There is no list of eligible conditions. Please visit your GP to see if your child is eligible under this plan.

Private Health Insurance

Ready Kids is registered with most private health funds. You may be eligible to claim rebates from your private health insurance. The amount claimable is dependent on the type of cover you have and your private health insurer. Please contact your insurer to see what your child is eligible for.

Occupational Therapy sessions covered by Medicare cannot be covered by private health insurance.

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

Ready Kids Occupational Therapy is not a NDIS provider. However our occupational therapists are able to see clients who are Self-Managed and Plan-Managed under the NDIS.

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