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Play Tunnel For Kids: Benefits Of Kids Crawl Tunnels

Little cute Asian toddler girl crawling out from colorful toy tunnel at playground.
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What Is Crawling Through Tunnel?

Crawling through tunnels is an exercise for children to hop onto all fours and crawl through a cylindrical tunnel. This helps improve blood circulation, strengthens the muscles, develops lower body strength, and also tones the body. Additionally, a crawl tunnel can also help improve joint mobility and flexibility.

So, encourage your child to crawl through a tunnel at home. These are usually bought cheaply from kid’s stores and feature a pop-out design. And if you’re feeling adventurous, you can even take the tunnel outdoors for some fun in the sun.

Just be sure to safety-proof your home before letting your little one loose on the baby tunnel toy.

Are Crawling Tunnels Safe For Babies?

Cute young child boy or kid playing on playground.

Are crawl tunnels safe for babies? Most crawling tunnels are safe for babies, but be careful of the environment the tunnel is set up in. It is important to check the safety rating of the tunnel before giving it to a baby to play with.

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using a tunnel with a baby or small child and never leave your child unattended.

Benefits of Crawling Through Tunnels for Children

There are some amazing benefits of crawling through tunnels or an outdoor playhouse for children. Here are a few benefits:

1. Improved Blood Circulation

When children crawl through a tunnel, it helps improve blood circulation. Constant and frequent movement, especially when using the whole body, can help the body pump blood through the body more effectively.

2. Gross Motor Skills

Crawling through tunnel exercises help children develop their gross motor skills, which are the larger movements of arms and legs that are involved in daily activities.

Crawling helps with the development of bilateral coordination, body awareness, and core strength.

3. Improved Joint Mobility

Crawling through a tunnel also helps improve joint mobility. This is because when children crawl through a tunnel, they need to move their joints in all directions in order to fit through the opening. This helps increase joint mobility.

4. Improved Lower Body Strength

Crawling through a tunnel or a pop-up play tent also helps improve lower body strength. This is because when children crawl through a tunnel, they use their leg muscles to propel them forward. This helps strengthen the muscles in the legs.

5. Develops Coordination

As children crawl through a tunnel, they will develop coordination. This is because crawling through a tunnel is not as easy as it seems and requires children to move their bodies in coordination with each other to move in an orderly manner.

6. Increased Stamina

As children crawl through kids play tunnels, they will also start to build stamina. This is because crawling through a tunnel requires effort and time, and therefore, children need to have the endurance to make it through.

This will help their body and their minds in increasing stamina so they can sustain attention in the activity for longer.

7. Develops Upper-Body Strength

Crawling through a tunnel also helps develop upper body strength. This is because when children crawl through a tunnel, they use their arms and shoulders to help them move forward. This helps strengthen the muscles in the upper body.

8. Fun and Exciting Activity

Last but not least, crawling through a tunnel is a fun and exciting activity that children will love doing. Not only does it provide many physical benefits, but it is also enjoyable and stimulating for children.

How Do I Get My Child To Crawl Through Tunnels?

Boy bending forward emerging from playground tunnel

If your child is hesitant to crawl through a tunnel, here are a few tips on how to get them started:

1. Make it Fun

One of the best ways to get children excited about crawling through a tunnel is to make it fun. Try decorating the tunnel with colorful ribbons or streamers and make sure there are plenty of rewards waiting for them at the end. These rewards could be their favorite toy or book, or even their favorite person!

2. Make It Challenging

Another way to get children interested in crawling through tunnels is by making it challenging. Try starting with a short tunnel and then gradually increase the length as your child becomes more comfortable with the play tunnel.

3. Make It Competitive

Finally, you can also make crawling through tunnels competitive by challenging other family members to see who can make it through the tunnel or ball pit the fastest. This will definitely motivate your child to try harder in their play tunnel.

Can Children Crawl Through Tunnels Indoors?

Boy in therapeutic tunnel

Yes, children can crawl through tunnels indoors. However, it is important to make sure that the tunnel is safe for children to use and that there are no sharp or dangerous objects in the area.

Some children might roll around in the tunnels and therefore, it is important for the tunnels to be placed on a flat ground and avoid any objects that the child can hit into.

Use your space indoors to make crawling through tunnels or ball pits more fun.

There are a few things to consider when making an indoor tunnel:


The indoor tunnel should be large enough for the child to crawl through without having to bend over. This will ensure that the child can crawl through the tunnel comfortably.


When making an indoor tunnel, it is important to be aware of potential safety hazards such as sharp objects or furniture that could cause injury. Make sure the area is clear of any hazardous objects before allowing your child to crawl through.

Fabric or Plastic?

Tunnels can be made from fabric or plastic and both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Plastic tunnels are more durable and easy to clean, while fabric tunnels are more comfortable for children to crawl through.

Fabric tunnels can also be packed away more easily.

Size Matters

The size of the tunnel is also important and should be chosen based on the age and size of your child. Make sure the tunnel is not too small or too large, as this could be dangerous.

Location, Location, Location

When choosing a location for your indoor tunnel, make sure there is enough space for your child to move around comfortably. The tunnel should not be in a busy area where it could get in the way of activities.

Games to Encourage Your Child to Crawl Through Tunnels at Home

To encourage your child to crawl through tunnels, you can play some fun games at home. Here are a few ideas:

1. Crawl Through the Tunnel Maze

One game you can play is called the tunnel maze. To set this up, you will need a few tunnels and some space to put them in. Set up the tunnels in a maze-like pattern and have your child try to crawl through them. This will help improve their coordination and agility.

2. Follow the Leader

Another game you can play is following the leader. In this game, one person is chosen to be the leader and they will crawl through a crawling tunnel. The rest of the players then have to follow the leader’s movements exactly. This will help improve their coordination and coping skills.

3. Tunnel Racing

You can also race your child through a baby crawl tunnel. This is a fun and exciting way to see who can make it through the tunnel the fastest. This will help improve their speed and agility.

4. Crawling Obstacle Course

You can also create an obstacle course that includes tunnels. This will test your child’s agility and coordination as they try to navigate their way through the course.

5. Create Your Own Tunnel

If you don’t have any tunnels available, you can always create your own tent crawl tunnel by using some sheets or blankets.

Get creative and see what different shapes and designs you can come up with. This is a fun way for your child to explore their creativity while also getting some exercise during their outdoor play.

Does Crawling Through Tunnel Actually Help My Kids? (Scientifically Speaking)

Cute funny blond little young toddler kid child boy crawling climbing through yellow plastic tunnel,

There is some scientific evidence that crawling through a tunnel actually has some benefits. A study by the University of Padova found that crawling through a play tent can improve motor skills and spatial awareness.

So, the next time you are at home with your child, consider giving them a crawl through a tunnel to experience all the amazing benefits for themselves. The best part is they have both indoor and outdoor use.


Crawling through tunnels is a fun and exciting way for children to explore their surroundings and improve their coordination and agility.

You can make tunnels more interesting by adding toys or obstacles, or by using different materials like fabric or plastic. There are also a variety of games you can play with your child to help encourage them to try the best crawl tunnel.

If your child is hesitant to crawl through a tunnel, try using one of the tips listed above to encourage them to give it a try.


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