Here are some websites that parents might find helpful.


Brisbane Kids: This website is super helpful for parents living in Brisbane. You’ll never run out of activities and events to take your children to. The Brisbane Kids website has a calendar full of activities to do around the Brisbane area, and directories to local libraries, childcares, schools, and parks.


Kiddipedia: The encyclopedia of all parenting websites in one place. Kiddipedia has a range of parenting articles, including helpful articles from specialists such as Occupational Therapists, Psychologists and Early Childhood Educators.

MeetUp Groups for Families: If you want to get to know some families in the area but don’t know how, maybe try out a Meetup group. Meetup allows people to create groups and connect with like-minded individuals.


Queensland Government: The Queensland Government provides links and basic information about children’s health, parenting and pregnancy.


Raising Children Network: An Australian parenting website with videos and articles about pregnancy all the way to teens. Reviewed by Australian experts to ensure accuracy of information. Pathways is an American not-for-profit organisation which provides free child development resources and information to parents.


Understood: Combining the knowledge from 15 non-profit organisation to support parents of children who have learning and attention difficulties.


Kidsafe Australia: Promotes prevention of childhood injury. They have PDF resources outlining safety in the Home, Car and Road, and Water.

What are some of the websites you find helpful?


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