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5 Benefits of Telehealth Therapy Sessions

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Going to appointments can sometimes be a pain. There is time spent driving there and in the waiting room. If you have children, this can also increase the amount of time getting them reading, putting them in the car and entertaining them during this whole process.

Luckily, more and more providers are offering telehealth services for a wide range of specialties. A telehealth visit is one where you and your provider are able to connect over the phone or video conferencing tool to conduct your visit. Telehealth providers are able to work with you remotely to address your issues and create care plans that allow you to work on them in the comfort of your own home.

In addition to telehealth services for yourself, telehealth therapy sessions can also be used with your children. At Ready Kids, we offer telehealth therapy sessions to all our clients. This means, you can receive Occupational Therapy services for your children, even if you and your therapist are not in the same physical room!

Top 5 Benefits of Telehealth Therapy Sessions

1. More access for people living in rural and remote areas. For people who live far away from cities, accessing therapists can be difficult. Many people live hours away from a therapist that can help them and, even if they are able to travel, it can be a burdensome requirement that discourages patients from seeking care. Currently there are also long waitlists which means it can be harder to find a therapist with availability to see you.  With telehealth therapy sessions, therapists from other cities come right to your home allowing you to access the care you need without the long drive.

2. More flexibility in session times. When making traditional therapy appointments, you have to take a lot of factors into consideration. Drive time. Work schedules. Therapist availability. Outside care obligations for children or parents. A telehealth therapy session can slot right into your day allowing you to use whatever free hour you have that works with your therapist’s schedule, rather than trying to puzzle piece your day together around a therapy appointment.

3. Reduced time and cost associated with travel to appointments. When you’re therapist calls you, it means you don’t have to drive to them. You don’t have to pay for petrol, parking, and other costs of using your car. You don’t need to entertain your child in the waiting room. You don’t have to sit in traffic or hunt for a parking spot or read outdated magazines in the waiting room. When your therapist calls you, you can take the call in your own home or office without the hassle of driving to your appointment.

4. Less time required off work. A traditional therapy appointment can take a while, especially if you have a long drive to get to your therapist. Some people have to talk half a day or more off of work just to make it to a one-hour session. Telehealth therapy appointments offer an alternative solution. Telehealth sessions allow you to take only the time you need for the appointment and possibly travel to and from a private location if there is no suitable location at your worksite. This means that, in addition to saving the costs associated with travel, you are also not losing pay for more time than necessary or saving valuable vacation or sick time that can be used at a later date.

5. More convenient with reduced waiting times. At the end of the day, who doesn’t want to be able to see their chosen therapist in the comfort of their own home? The ability to have greater control over your schedule while also getting the care you need is one of the most empowering things about a telehealth visit. You are also able to take advantage of reduced waiting times. No more sitting in the waiting room twiddling your thumbs until it’s your turn. Your therapist calls you on your schedule and if they’re late, you’re not stuck somewhere until they’re ready for you.

Telehealth is the future of medicine. While it won’t replace in-person visits for many instances, it is a valuable accompaniment to your care regimen that gives you more freedom, more control, and more options when it comes to making sure you remain in the best of health.

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