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Ready Kids Occupational Therapy provides paediatric Occupational Therapy for children at home, childcare, kindergarten, and school in Brisbane, Logan and Redlands areas. We work on creating fun activities for children to develop their skills. We work closely with parents and teachers to provide practical strategies which can be easily incorporated into everyday home and school life. 

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How can a Paediatric Occupational Therapist help my child?

Most Common Concerns

Paediatric Occupational Therapists at Ready Kids can help your child if they have difficulties in the following areas. If you are not sure if our occupational therapy services are right for your child, please contact us for a no-obligation phone call.


✔️ Is your child getting upset when they need to write at school?
✔️ Is your child drawing with both hands?


✔️ My child is not wanting to poo in the toilet.

✔️ My child does not want to go to unfamiliar toilets.


✔️ My child has difficulty making friends.

✔️ My child doesn’t share toys with other children.


✔️ My child gets very upset in noisy environments.

✔️ My child doesn’t like when they get their hair cut.


✔️ Does your child get upset easily?

✔️ When your child is upset, is it hard for them to calm down?


✔️ My child won’t focus on a task.

✔️ My teenager has trouble with organising and planning assignments.

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9 Tips to Teaching Your Seven-Year-Old to Read and Write

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8 Ways to Calm Down an Overly Hyper Child
8 Ways to Calm Down an Overly Hyper Child

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Lack of Impulse Control and What Causes It
Lack of Impulse Control and What Causes It

Caring for a child with a lack of impulse control is overwhelming in several ways. Many parents suffer from devastating feelings of sadness and frustration because they do not know how to help their child combined with feelings of guilt brought on by their annoyance…

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