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Together, we can help grow Ready Kids to change the world, one Ready Kid at a time.

Informational Videos

Informational Videos and Handouts in easy to understand language so you can watch or read, depending on what you prefer.


Kids Activity Videos

Ready to play videos for your child to watch and interact with the Occupational Therapist. Let them sit down and learn in front of a device.

Skill Areas Overviews

Learn about each Skill Area using our Overview video and then browse the range of resources within that Skill Area.

Worksheets for Kids

Already made worksheets, print-ready so you can work together with your kids and develop different skills, from self-care to handwriting.

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Confident Parents & Happy Kids.

ReadyKids are here to give proactive parents, caregivers & educators the confidence to know they are doing the best thing for their kids. 


Very knowledgeable.… My child loves her and my child has improved quite a great deal. I would highly recommend Ready Kids to anyone looking for a top notch Occupational Therapist.

Faith Hope & Love

Great to deal with. Very happy with Ready Kids OT. Very professional and caring.


Outstanding paediatric OT for kids! So knowledgeable, patient and dedicated. Kids are drawn to Sarah’s kind and caring personality.

Freya N Nathan Bricknell